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Please Contact me for a Word version of my Resume as I am currently updating the one I previously linked here. Thank you for your patience.
Phone:(360) 509-7356

3D Studio Max/Adobe Photoshop/Maya/Mudbox/ZBrush/Unreal/Substance Painter/Substance Designer/NDo/DDo/

*10+ Years of experience working in a production environment, creating environment art that adheres to technical and visual constraints.

*Extensive experience with environment modeling both natural and architectural, high to low workflow, normal baking etc.

*Working knowledge of Physically Based Rendering workflow as well as hand-painted stylized art and everything in between.

*Experience working with programmers to create new technology and streamline existing technologies.

*Familiarity with level editing tools both commercial(Unreal)and proprietary.


(8/09-Present)Environment Artist, ZeniMax Online Studios, Hunt Valley, MD-
I have been an Environment Artist primarily on the Biome Team for the past 6+ years. As the first member of the Biome Team, I helped set standards and procedures for production as well as help to decide the look and feel of our natural environments. I also worked closely with the graphics programmers as they built the engine to help get the technology we needed for development online. I've gotten to do a lot of world building in our alpha pockets, or test areas, that we use to show the world builders how we envision the assets we create being used. I often address concerns and requests from world builders as they build new zones. I created almost all of the terrain textures and clutter in the game as well as a large amount of trees, plants, and crafting nodes. I contributed heavily to our more nature-based architectural sets for the Bosmer and Argonian cultures.

(3/08-1/09)Environment Artist, SuperVillain Studios, Santa Ana, CA-
Created real-time art for multiple projects at SVS. Worked in a very collaborative, open environment helping to decide art styles, prototyping art and working with programmers to improve our engine and tools. Titles: Order Up!(2008) for the Nintendo Wii. Unannounced unpublished RPG for the Nintendo Wii.

(3/07-3/08)Freelance Environment Artist-
Worked remotely creating environmental art for various clients for pre-rendered and real-time 3D art.

(7/06-12/06)WildTangent-Art Generalist -
Texturing, animation, modeling, level creation, concepting/designing and various other tasks as necessary for casual game development, working with 3DS Max, Photoshop and proprietary tools. Helped complete Run N Gun Football for release, retro-fitted 8 games with new art, completed and helped design a level for a prototype of an unannounced project.

(09/05-05/06) 3Plains Corporation-3D Artist-
Texturing, unwrapping, lighting, modeling, rendering, animation, compositing and photo manipulation for visualizations and interactive training software in the aviation, defense and emergency services fields.
Created texture maps and models in both high and low poly count/texture resolutions. Integrated models into real-time and film presentations. Worked to client and technical specifications sometimes using artistic license when presented with limited information. Helped in defining texturing, rendering, file management and workflow standards of the studio.

The Art Institute of Seattle, December 2003, Animation, Art and Design, Associate of Applied Arts. Focused on Environments and Texture mapping for film and video games.

References Available Upon Request