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My friend and co-worker Cody Wright and I recently entered the Allegorithmic Throne Room Challenge. The contest was very open-ended with the only objective to, not surprisingly, make a throne room. Since we work on a fantasy game for our full-time jobs, we decided to go more non-traditional and go with a post apocalyptic throne room. Our premise was to make a throne room for a character we named "The Captain", whos' commercial airliner had crashed in a catastrophic world event in the 1930's. The Captain has come out on the other side of the crash not quite right and adheres to his airline protocol with an almost religious fervor. Influences came from Art Deco architecture,Howard Hughes, and post-apocalyptic works like The Warriors and Fallout.

We used Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Photoshop, 3DS Max, and ZBrush in production and the final scene was put together in UE4. Our Polycount WIP thread is located Here